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Terri MacKenzie
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Central Coast Tutor
Central Coast Tutor
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     Affordable, fun, yet EFFECTIVE tutoring

on the Central Coast

      Why parents choose me as their tutor.

*  I'm a qualified special education teacher (Masters Degree).

*  Qualified Dyslexia and MSL tutor (More information here)

*  My tutoring gets results!  100% of my clients have improved with my assistance (I'm not joking

about this, it's an impressive record and I plan to keep it!).

* Honesty, I will tell you exactly what your child's strengths and weaknesses are and how I can help 

them succeed, I won't tell you what I think you want to hear. 

* Each lesson is targetted to help your child succeed, every child works on their own program based

on their own strengths and weaknesses.

* I understand how children learn best and that each child is different.  My lessons are designed to

compliment your child's learning style and help them understand and remember their basic skills.

* I can tutor Primary English (reading, writing and spelling) and Maths.

* I can tutor all primary grades, K-6.

* I can tutor High School English (to help those children struggling with basic reading, writing and

spelling required at high school).

* I can advise lots of practical and simple ways you can practice basic skills with your child each day

that won't take hours to complete but will boost your child's skills.

* Minimal extra homework to take stress off busy families.  Homework will be given but it is quick,

lots of games based practice for maximum enjoyment.

* No lock in contracts, if my tutoring doesn't suit your child or family you can leave with 2 weeks


* My tutoring is affordable.  Call me on 0434 888 321 for rates.

* Either paired or one-on-one lessons to suit your child's needs. 

*Tutoring offered at varying times to suit busy parents, weekday mornings and afternoons.

* I always update my parents after every lesson and will even teach them a few new things

from time to time.

* You are only ever dealing with one tutor, and I'm the only one that tutors your child.

* I will work with other health care providers (speech therapists, O/T, pschologists) to help your child

achieve success. 

Why children don't want to leave my tutoring.

* I want to help students succeed and they know it. 

* I make the effort to get to know your child really well.  I know they're strengths and weaknesses,

their likes and dislikes and what they're aiming for.

* I make sure tutoring is fun and engaging.

* I use lots of small activities to maintain focus and allow adequate practice of new skills.

* I understand children don't want a lot of additional homework so I keep homework short, practical

and as fun as possible.

* I actually teach lessons and only skills your child doesn't all ready know.  We're not just

practicing homework or wasting time.

* My students can notice their own improvements quickly and they want to learn more.

* My students find their confidence improves quickly and they feel they can be more independent

with their studies. 

* My students can see progress in their tests, reports and NAPLAN results.

* My students realise that learning can be fun and like to come and spend an hour with me. 

Why schools and teachers appreciate my tutoring?

* Children who have been struggling at school benefit from my lessons and their results at

school improve quickly. 

* I liaise with teachers about my students, I can give tips and advice about activities and programs

that may help the child in school. 

* I can help extend children who are working above grade level which takes some of the pressure

off teachers. 

If you're looking for an excellent tutor on the Central Coast who will get results...

Contact me now on 0434 888 321 or info@betterbasics.com.au

What parents are saying about Better Basics Tutoring..

'Reading skills have improved twofold.'

'What I mostly appreciate of Terri is the effort she puts in with the parents.'

'We watched week by week her understand the main aspects of Maths.'

'He is now a confident reader and keeping up with his peers.'

'By about the third week he was able to read his first basic words and I will never forget the happiest of all smiles on his face.'

'Well worth the investment of money, time and effort.'

Mon - Thu: 07:30 AM - 10:00 AM 02:00 PM - 05:30 PM
Fri: 07:30 AM - 04:15 PM